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The Truth Telling Project implements and sustains grassroot, community-centered truth-telling processes to amplify our voices about structural violence. We share stories, facilitate healing, support activist on the ground, educate, and seek justice.


Structural Violence refers to systematic ways in which social structures harm or otherwise disadvantage individuals -

it is subtle, often invisible, and often has no one specific person who can or will be held responsible.


We are a not-for-profit organization under the sponsorship of the NEIU Foundation.

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Each month The Truth Telling Project highlights an activist and the work their doing. Larger organizations often times have the resources and community to fundraise to support their efforts, while activist on the ground have a hard time getting funded for simple trainings. We believe that supporting these activist is essential for progressing the movement for black lives. Join us in support eco-activist Li Sumpter in crowd-funding for The Philadelphia Peace Park.


About NPPP


The North Philly Peace Park (NPPP) is a charitable urban ecology campus that provides free STEAM and land-based programs to Sharswood and the greater Philadelphia community. In Fall 2018 the park will conclude its 2-year re-development process with the construction of an off-grid facility—the Peace Park Pavilion.


Mimu Ina/Peace Pavilion: Initial Concepts + Project Inspiration


Original concepts of the facility were inspired by past and present architectural practices across African and African American traditions and the illuminated visions of afrofuturism. Nyasha Felder (U Penn/Diverse Design) designed the first concepts in collaboration with NPPP’s core design team and extended community. The NPPP sees the Peace Pavilion vision as a new design model to be replicated across Philly and the country. The pavilion will be a safe and sustainable space for environmental education, the arts and green entrepreneurship. Equally important, the Peace Pavilion will reflect the beauty and power of revolutionary design and the possibilities of radical community/world-building as creative resistance.


Design Team + Community Partners


Black-led and community-centered, the Peace Pavilion is a labor of love supported by an all-volunteer staff and spearheaded by the NPPP’s Core Design Team including: Tommy Joshua (NPPP Executive Director), Nyasha Felder (Lead Designer) Maya Thomas (Project Manager), Li Sumpter, Ph.D., Pili X, Loretta Hord, and Zakiyyah Ali. Other partners include: Youth Build Charter School, Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust, Haverford College, Solar Veterans of America, Penn Praxis, University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Habitat for Humanity, Vaux Big Picture High School
and The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability.


Launch of Design + Build Phase Summer/Fall 2018 with Local Firm


This summer, the North Philly Peace Park announced its partnership with local, award-winning architectural firm Bohlin, Cywinski, Jackson (BCJ). BCJ is known for their innovative, eco-conscious designs that deeply consider the natural and technological relationships between a building, its potential inhabitants and the surrounding environment. Noted BCJ projects include Philly’s own Liberty Bell Center, several Apple Stores (i.e. Shanghai, Fifth Ave. NYC), Pixar Animation Studios, and the private residence of Steve Jobs (2017).





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