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The Truth Telling Project implements and sustains grassroot, community-centered truth-telling processes to amplify our voices about structural violence. We share stories, facilitate healing, support activist on the ground, educate, and seek justice.


Structural Violence refers to systematic ways in which social structures harm or otherwise disadvantage individuals -

it is subtle, often invisible, and often has no one specific person who can or will be held responsible.


We are a not-for-profit organization under the sponsorship of the NEIU Foundation.

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As part of our mission to support grassroots activist, each month The Truth Telling Project highlights grassroots activist and truth-tellers who are making a difference in their community.


This month we're supporting Jessie Sandoval.


Writer and activist, Los Angeles Born Nicaraguan fighting in the struggle for the dignity and dreams of Black and Brown communities, from Oakland, to Ferguson, to Tijuana. Her first published work of literary scholarship is The letters of Thomas Merton and Ernesto Cardenal, she edited and translated. Jessie Has most recently been working with the Migrant camps in Tijuana. She spent a month in Tijuana imbedded with the migrant camps documenting the real stories of those seeking asylum. While there she helped establish Pueblo Exodo-Cronicas of the Migrant Caravan, a grassroots communication tool to help spread the message of the caravan from the people who are living the experience.


All funds raised will help support temporary and transitional housing for Central American migrant women, children and families in Tijuana.


Thank you so much for your support!






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We are a project fiscally sponsored by the NEIU Foundation

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